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King Edward Community Open House – Mar 9th, 2011 @ Richmond School

The first public session on March 9th, 2011 provided the opportunity for citizens of Calgary to add their voice to the transformation proposal for King Edward School. Fundamental values set out by Calgary Arts Development and The Calgary Foundation for the project include:community, sustainability, heritage, creativity, and place making. Panels were exhibited to enable attendees to add comments to the discussion of what possibilities the school can offer. Here are a few highlighted comments with panel notes that follow.

Read Complete Open House Comments (PDF)


“South Calgary has a real opportunity – would be jealous if another community got it!”

“Public accessibility is important… to help make believers of Calgarians in the transformative power, imagination, excitement, and value of the arts.”

“Rather than just creating “a place where artists go,” make it a place that will integrate, attract and educate people in the arts.”

“An arts incubator is a great idea and it seems like you’re approaching this project in the right way – consultation, community, and sensitivity.”

“Can we legally protect the building as a heritage asset? Please!”

“My wife’s name is on a plaque in the school (she was a pupil)– hopefully this will be preserved.”

“The original school was made from material quarried about one kilometer away – very sustainable!”

“Our community needs public green space that can be more contemplative …a place to read a book or have a conversation with a friend – outdoors, under a tree, in a quiet public space. I would like part of the field to be made into this kind of place.”

“This building will create and provide the opportunities I currently don’t have to engage the arts.”

“As someone who doesn’t make a living in the arts, I look for relief, interesting things and fun in cultural activities.”

“It is encouraging to learn about [aiming for] LEED status – it would be great to see!”



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