cSPACE connects creative people and ideas through places that ignite community, collaboration and change.

About Us

Our Mission

We believe that Calgary’s creative talent is our most valuable and adaptable resource in making a more vibrant city.

But we know Calgary is a challenging environment for emerging artists, small non-profits and early-stage social entrepreneurs. If our city is to be home to a diversity of creative talent, we must focus on a strategy to connect people and their ideas through places that fuel creativity, foster community, ignite collaboration and inspire change.

Our Vision

We envision Calgary as a city where all forms of creative enterprise thrive.

Through our leadership, new generations of Calgary’s creative talent will be nurtured, neighbourhoods will flourish and bold ideas will be realized. Our city’s vibrancy will inspire and engage the world.

Our Values

CREATIVITY and the conditions that enable it to flourish – we rethink space as a platform for creative purpose
COMMUNITY and the transformative power of engaged citizens – we connect creativity and community for the benefit of both
COLLABORATION and the innovation this unlocks – we seek out diverse and meaningful partnerships to shape our projects
CHANGE and the culture that fosters it – we cultivate a wide view of sustainability to amplify our impact

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A New Model of Social Enterprise in Calgary

cSPACE was established in 2011 to address an immense need for affordable and sustainable space for artists, non-profits and social entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and engage. Formed through a partnership of Calgary Arts Development Authority and The Calgary Foundation, we are a unique social enterprise that balances mission, capacity and capital to deliver sustainable impact.

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What We Do

Across North America, cSPACE is one of only a few specialist non-profit companies that own, build and operate a portfolio of large-scale, multi-tenant creative workspaces. Even fewer are designed and operated as leading edge, sustainable facilities. cSPACE buildings provide the necessary conditions and resources that diverse creative disciplines need to remain vital, sustainable and innovative:

SPACE – creation, production, rehearsal and presentation spaces that are affordable and flexible to the evolving needs of new practices, missions and enterprises

CONNECTIVITY – diverse opportunities for cross-disciplinary and cross-sector collaboration and networking

LEARNING – specialized and responsive programs and mentorship focused on nurturing arts and social entrepreneurship


How We Do It

As a social enterprise, the cSPACE business model blends community stewardship with entrepreneurial agility. Our focus on environmental sustainability, heritage adaptive reuse and urban place-making generates immense community and economic value. As a result, cSPACE is able to mobilize and leverage diverse sources of capital to develop our projects.

We collaborate extensively with government, foundations, individual philanthropists and the private sector. Once in operation, cSPACE projects balance affordability and cost-recovery to deliver a viable operation, requiring no ongoing subsidy.

Who Makes It Happen

The capacity of cSPACE as a social enterprise grows out of the complementary skills, knowledge and commitment of our:

  • Shareholders that bring vision, credibility and investment to our purpose – Calgary Arts Development and The Calgary Foundation are deeply vested in the success of cSPACE
  • Board Members who are skilled, passionate, engaged and accountable – leaders from land development, law, design, finance, communications, and community engagement provide a deep capability around strategy, corporate governance and risk management


  • Staff that are talented, inspiring, adaptable and action-oriented – a team of experienced professionals in capital project delivery, multi-tenant facility operations and community programming are at the core of cSPACE
  • Partners who are strategically aligned, bringing outside expertise, perspective and insight – best-practice consultant teams are engaged to bring added value to the various project stages

Meet our Board

The cSPACE Team

Our team is driven by a passion for the arts, and a mission to connect people, place and ideas to ignite creativity, community, collaboration and change.

Reid Henry
President & CEO

Reid has over 16 years of experience working at the intersection of urban, cultural and economic development. Read more.

Deeter Schurig
Project Manager
With a passion for realizing the potential of people, Deeter’s background and experience have merged at the intersection between cultural practices and the built environment… Read more.
Karilynn Thompson
Executive Assistant
Karilynn is an administrative professional with a passion for arts and heritage spaces, and a graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design Read more