cSPACE is developing Calgary’s most unique studio theatre

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Creativity needs flexible space and our new Studio Theatre at the King Edward will deliver Calgary’s most adaptable venue to experiment, collaborate and create new work. Addressing a critical shortage of production, rehearsal and event space across Calgary, the Studio Theatre will offer a variable layout to meet the dynamic needs of multiple arts disciplines. Designed for flexibility, it will transform between a technically sophisticated production space, an intimate ‘black box’ venue, and a premiere event space.

As the first fully equipped, LED-lit performance space in Canada, the two-storey 1,750 sq.ft. space will be designed with sustainability at its core. Programmable exterior louvres will adjust to sun exposure throughout the day, controlling natural lighting and interior conditions. High-efficiency heating and cooling will maintain a comfortable environment, and renewable power generation from an array of solar panels will offset energy consumption.

The Studio Theatre will feature retractable seating for multiple floor layouts, ranging from intimate gatherings to 200-person events. While the full capacity for theatre presentation is 123 seats, a vertical-drop acoustic wall will allow the space to be concurrently used for smaller shows of 44 and 68 seats. An enclosed control booth, touch-screen audio-visual technology and automated blackout shades will set a new standard for smaller-scale, multi-disciplinary spaces.Theatre-1

From a broader design perspective, the Studio Theatre and new west wing will complete the King Edward’s classical symmetry as it was 40 years ago before the original sandstone wing was removed. Encased by the modern steel and glass of the new wing, the space will feature the original exterior sandstone wall as an interior design element. Reference to the historical architecture continues into the lobby space, where the two steel boiler doors built over 100 years ago in Amherst, Nova Scotia will be laid into the terrazzo floor and covered by structural glass.Photo by Azriel KnightPhoto by Azriel Knight

The development of multi-disciplinary, accessible and adaptable space is critical to ensuring a healthy and vibrant arts community in Calgary. Through the rejuvenation of the King Edward and the addition of the new west wing with the Studio Theatre, Calgary’s artists will have a new platform to amplify their creative impact and contribute to the future vitality of the city. Be a part of bringing this much-needed space to reality – learn more about how you can support the cSPACE King Edward.


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