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If you are passionate about how ideas move people and how people move ideas, then cSPACE King Edward will be the place for you. Transforming ideas into enterprises that generate value – economic, social or cultural – is what drives social and creative entrepreneurs. We want to help them shape our city for the future.

Through projects like the King Edward, we intend to provide the necessary conditions and resources that diverse cultural and creative entrepreneurs need to remain vital, sustainable and innovative. These include:

  • inspiring co-working space overlooking the tartan-inspired park
  • flexible meeting and collaboration rooms for small and large gatherings
  • leading-edge broadband networks
  • tenant and member-based intranet
  • shared social kitchen and informal gathering places
  • common exhibition, showcase and workshop spaces
  • short-term ‘hot-desk’ workspaces for organizations that expand and contract or for free-lancers that value flexibility
  • enterprise incubation programs that focus on mentorship, knowledge exchange and creative business start-up.

We know that innovation happens when diverse people collide, boundaries are dissolved and barriers are eliminated. We are developing cSPACE King Edward with the scale and diversity to transform the way creative people collaborate in their practice, missions and enterprises. Our spaces are being designed quite simply as silo-busters.

Learn more by watching our latest video on creative entrepreneurship.

Hear from some of our future tenants about the importance of collaborative space in cSPACE King Edward – Our Vision, Our Story.


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