cSPACE starts demolition of the mid-century wings

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cSPACE is excited to announce that the demolition of the 1950s and 1960s wings of the former heritage school in Marda Loop has begun today. Over the next week, the mid-century additions that surround the 100 year-old sandstone school will be demolished, unveiling the historic building in its former grandeur for the first time in six decades. The removal of the later wings is an essential step in revitalization of the King Edward as a 21st Century hub for arts, culture and creativity – the first of its kind in Calgary.


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cSPACE Projects has initiated the demolition in preparation for the subdivision and sale of two parcels of land to residential developers. The land sales will contribute significant funding to cSPACE’s $31 million redevelopment of the site as an arts incubator.


With over 45,000 square feet of creation, production, exhibition and rehearsal spaces, cSPACE King Edward will support dozens of small organizations and the hundreds of creators they work with across all artistic disciplines. As a social enterprise dedicated to developing a network of multi-disciplinary creative spaces across the city, cSPACE connects creative people and ideas through places that ignite community, collaboration and change.


cSPACE is proud to announce that ~75% of a fundraising goal of $31 million has been achieved. The project is in its final stretch, with focus now set on the remaining funds needed before groundbreaking begins later this year. cSPACE is seeking bold partners to share in the success of the King Edward project, and ensure the timely completion of construction for a 2015 grand opening.


For more details, visit cspaceprojects.com/support, or contact us: info@cspaceprojects.com

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