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The Time to Support Calgary’s Creative Enterprise is Now

is a City of
Untapped Potential

Calgary is a young, vibrant city with growing opportunities for our creative talent to succeed and ignite change.

Translating their passion into a profession increasingly requires graduates to be resourceful and savvy about markets, work collaboratively and leverage opportunities that flow across traditional sectors and boundaries.

As a result, most emerging artists in Calgary are fashioning careers through self-employment, working in multiple jobs and starting their own businesses.  They are working fluidly across the commercial, non-profit and community sectors in pursuit of their ideas.

Cultivating a mindset for entrepreneurship in the next generation of Calgary’s artists is critical to support their potential as creative sparks in our economy.

A new
of Support

cSPACE will provide dynamic environments that support  learning, risk-taking and multi-disciplinary exchange. We will deliver a unique model of business support, networking and mentorship that help spin creative practice into sustainable enterprises.

Situated on the top two floors of the new West Wing and extending into the heritage building, the incubator will bring together program partners, technology and social space to deliver a collaborative learning environment that supports the growth of arts:

  • flexible meeting and collaboration rooms
  • leading-edge broadband networks
  • tenant and member-based intranet
  • social kitchen and gathering places
  • common exhibition, showcase and workshop spaces
  • short-term ‘hot-desk’ workspaces for organizations that expand and contract or for free-lancers that value flexibility

A Place for Entrepreneurship
to Thrive

Through our collaborations with Calgary’s post-secondary institutions, artist-run centres and our communities of successful entrepreneurs, we will:

  •  stimulate new projects, partnerships and emerging enterprises, by providing a supportive ‘lab’ to encourage experimentation,
  • support the missions of enterprises at various stages of development to financially grow or stabilize,
  • enhance artists’ financial well-being and quality of life, and
  • raise the visibility and profile of young graduates and emerging creators.