Creative People

The Time to Support Creative Communities is Now

Creative talent can shape our city for the future

Imagine what young creators could do with an inspiring space, a collaborative community, and the entrepreneurial confidence to bring their ideas to life? The opportunities for generating social, economic and cultural value in Calgary would be unlimited.

Despite evidence of the creative and cultural sector’s growing importance to Calgary, our city is immensely challenging for emerging artists, small non-profits and start-up social enterprises to be successful. This equation needs to change – Calgary’s creative talent needs to thrive, not just survive.

A unique showcase for creative community building

cSPACE King Edward is designed as a truly interactive hub – an intersection for creative exchange, operating at once as a place of creative entrepreneurship, inspirational cultural experience, learning and collaboration. Investment in over 55,000 square feet of purpose-built live-work, studio, production, exhibition, rehearsal and office spaces will propel interaction among dozens of small organizations and hundreds of creators.

While nurturing artists, entrepreneurs and makers on the inside, Calgary’s first arts park will provide a one-of-a-kind gathering place for performances, exhibitions and unique public art installations on the outside. We want generations of Calgarians working, visiting and living in the area to connect with the vital creative energy that collaboration fuels.

A place for diverse creators to collaborate

Creativity is fueled when ideas collide. From hip-hop music to aboriginal art, digital media to traditional crafts, we understand that our city’s creative vitality is not defined by one lens. Collaboration is fundamental to our DNA and we seek the same in the communities we support.

While we strive for progressive design of our hubs, the success of our projects will ultimately be driven by the dynamism of the members we attract and communities we nurture. We are purposefully curating the King Edward with natural collaborators, bringing together many of Calgary’s innovative non-profit sector to drive our vision forward. Learn more about cSPACE King Edward’s creative community.