Creative Place-Making

The Time to Support Creative Place-Making is Now

Celebrating our past- Reimagining our future

For cSPACE, the legacy of the King Edward School resonates deeply with us and provides inspiration for a new vision of its future.  Among the last of the sandstone schools built between 1894 and 1914, the institution exemplified the spirit of Calgary in the early 20th century by:

  • Pioneering a new model of junior high education in Alberta
  • Serving as a military cadet training facility at the outbreak of WW1
  • Providing vital training space for Calgary’s new generation of teachers

Cultivating generations of leaders among its alumni, including William Aberhart, the school’s first principal who went on to become the first premier of Alberta

In reimagining the former school and grounds, cSPACE fosters new ideas while respecting the past.

We work in deep partnership with the surrounding neighbourhoods to ensure the historic King Edward is restored as a vibrant gathering place for Calgarians for the next hundred years.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

cSPACE’s design and management philosophy illustrates a deep commitment to community sustainability.

Our green building approach at the King Edward integrates a focus on energy efficiency and healthy environments – both are fundamental to environmental stewardship as well as smart business strategy.

At every opportunity, we work to minimize our environmental footprint and engage our communities in more sustainable, day-to-day practices.

Although challenging to achieve in a 100 year-old building, cSPACE King Edward will be LEED Gold Certified and twice as energy efficient as a typical Calgary office building. Our strategy includes:

  • state-of-the-art energy efficient lighting, including one of Canada’s few fully LED theatre spaces
  • rainwater capture and reuse for public park irrigation
  • interior green wall installations
  • bicycle and electric car infrastructure
  • external motorized blinds for sun shading
  • photo-voltaic solar panels for clean, green electricity
  • live-work housing for artists

A Restored 1912 Sandstone School

cSPACE is undertaking a comprehensive reuse and heritage conservation strategy to bring the sandstone school building back to its former splendour:

  • The sandstone facades along with remaining cupolas will be sensitively restored contrasting with the award winning modern design of the new West Wing
  • The retention of the original slate chalkboards, wood doors and large windows will preserve the original character of the school
  • The King Edward will be completely upgraded using new technology and sustainable practices to ensure the school supports creativity and learning for another century.

When “new ideas use old buildings” legacy becomes catalyst- where creativity is powerfully expressed through place.