July 20th – 24th, 2015 Construction Blog

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This past week around King Edward there has been an amazing flurry of activity within the school, on the grounds, and on the surrounding street! The most dramatic activity has been the ensemble of excavators, front-end loaders, dump trucks and other heavy equipment required to upgrade water, sanitary and storm service connections to city infrastructure.digger2_731x308

Along 29th and 30th Avenues, street access has been disrupted as crews opened up the street to lay new service piping runs – eventually repaving and returning the street back to the domain of vehicles. With the recent deluge of summer rain, this work along 30th Avenue is slated for completion this week, weatherdigger3_731x308 dependent.

roller_731x308The former school grounds were also transformed with the excavation of tonnes of earth to create trenches some 5 meters deep last week. Making new connections along 29th Avenue, these deep service runs created mountains, deep crevices and dramatic images against a long-quiet vacant school. With gravel, concrete piping laid and backfilled, the rumble of the compactor vibrations last week is now nearly another memory.


Francois works on restoring King Edward’s historic ceiling.


Historic medallions found in each classroom.

Within the school, work also continues with new holes drilled throughout the historic structure but also patching where historic plaster needs fixing up. In historic classrooms where 1960s drop ceilings once hung, a pockmarked ceiling is now being painstakingly restored. The care and commitment to this endeavor by our francophone friend Francois will certainly require a more detailed account in the weeks ahead.

With many trades overlapping each other on every floor, we look forward to what this week has in store!


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