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For the first time, construction at King Edward has spilled beyond our site boundaries with temporary road closures along 29th and 30th Avenues for new connections to city electric, water and natural gas services. With a deluge of early summer rain, it is hoped this work can be completed with as little disruption as possible for the community before crews can continue with connecting these deep services to the new facility.

On the exterior of the school, demolition of the former 1912 coal room together with the 1960s north entrance and boiler room have now been removed in their entirety. Along with the scissored pinchers of the excavator, a robot was used to demolish a 1960s staircase sutchered into the historic sandstone structure. .


Demolition of the 1960’s staircase

Within the school, work also continues with lead paint abatement preceding any demolition that may be required in select locations. On the upper floor of the building, restoration of heritage ceilings where drop ceilings once hung is one step ahead as new hangers are being installed to carry enhanced mechanical ducting and electrical services closely behind.

Lead abatement on the lower, soon to be “Boiler Floor”

Lead abatement on the lower, soon to be “Boiler Floor”

Together with all the onsite action, remnants of the past were revealed with the signatures from tradesmen in the 60s discovered on support columns. Demolition debris against the backdrop of historic sandstone also made for some dramatic pictures!


Signatures remain from 1960’s tradesmen who worked on the school


Debris against sandstone exterior wall

Construction Blog Kickoff

With the first days of summer construction now well upon us, we are kicking off this blog to highlight the transformation of historic King Edward School into a new arts hub and incubator for cSPACE. Over the next year and a half, we invite you to follow along as we capture moments of interest throughout the process of construction leading to our opening.

What will be uncovered throughout this process is yet to be determined. Undoubtedly within the historic walls of a century old school there are stories to discover and surprises to share. For some of you who may have little interest in construction, there may also be a few stories about the people and ideas, both past and present, that are uncovered or perhaps are playing an active part in awakening this historic place once again.

Since our groundbreaking event in May 2015, we have uncovered so many great stories and personal connections to the project that we want to share. Some of these posts will be short snippets, while others may require a little more storytelling. In the meantime, hopefully these initial entries from the first few months of construction will spark your curiosity in cSPACE and our approach to community building.

Transplanting the King Edward’s Hollyhocks

Historic Boilers Rest in Peace

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