Broken Rail: “King Edward School”

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Broken Rail

Broken Rail’s account of attending King Edward School in the 1940’s:

This picture was taken in front of King Edward School 1720, 30th Ave., S.W. in June of 1955. This is my Grade 1 class, and I am seated in the back row forth from the left hand side of the picture. King Edward School was built in 1912, one of 19 sandstone schools built in Calgary between 1894 and 1914. It is in the district of South Calgary, my uncle Fred, and my dad’s best friend, Jim Atkinson went to school here the first year it was opened. My father attended the second year. I was in school here from grade 1 until grade 9 in the summer of 1964. The school was a block and a half from my home so it was a short walk to school for me. Due to declining enrollment in the school was closed in 2001, and it looks like it will be torn down. With the real estate of one city block it will probably be developed for housing, unless someone comes to the rescue and finds another use for the building. The school as I mentioned was built of sandstone, a popular building material for many of the buildings in Calgary in that era, Calgary was called the “Sandstone City” but sadly many of these buildings have faced the wrecking ball, and are no more.

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