King Edward School Photography Competition Winners!

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Thanks to everyone for coming out to Doors Open @ King Edward to view our photography exhibition and to see the jury selected top 20 photographs from the competition!

After 5 hours of deliberation by our professional jury in the Spring of 2012, the following photographs were distinguished as follows:

“Old & New” by Michael Janke – Jury’s Choice Award

“Old & New” gives King Edward School a personality of its own, if only a sombre one. The photograph hints at the secrets the walls and ceiling must still be keeping. The worm-like intrusions of the pipes coupled with new lighting fixtures expand the depth of the past stories. The brown stains are telling of the building’s present state of mind. Colours, textures and soft light streaming through the window create an abstract of unmatched sublime quality. – James McMenamin


“The Sandstone of King Edward School” by Logan Facette – Exterior Honourable Mention & Community Choice Award

Sandstone hulks still dot the Calgary landscape, reminders of the city’s first steps toward its current urban life. “The  Sandstone of King Edward School” evokes many facets of the King Edward School and Calgary: the river valley, home to at least ten sandstone quarries; the mountains, seen railing the horizon from the school’s belfry; the skilled masons who built the school itself. In flying the viewer so close to the King Edward School’s sandstone walls, Logan Facette ironically gives the viewer a bigger picture of what the school is all about. – John Frosst


“Interlude” by Daniel Cristini – Interior Honourable Mention

The merit of this image entitled “Interlude” was observed in its technical accuracy and provocative simplicity. A swinging door slices a contrast of light that allows the composition to provoke events in the viewer’s imagination. A closet left bare: what, who came out? Waiting, with the ability to stop/stock something again…  – Catherine Hamel


“The Desk” by Frank Shufletoski – Monochrome Honourable Mention

“The Desk” was found to be striking in its representation of the building’s former function as a school. Learning is metaphorically revealed as a process: rote learning from the finitude of a desk is paired with the ladder of mind’s escape. The composition reveals not only the past but hints at a future where new creativity will breathe life into the space, an oscillation of constraints (the desk) with insight, hope, and ambition (the ladder). – Amery Calvelli“These Old Floors” by Michael Janke – Abstract Honourable Mention


“The Cupola” by Tavis Morley – Student Honourable Mention

This photo of “The Cupola”, like a medicine wheel of the Indians or a wagon wheel of our forefathers’ expresses more than just history, more than documentation. While the raised grain of the wooden spokes appear rough, the great workmanship (before power tools) adds to the above in strong symbolism – seeming to suggest an understanding of the known from the unknown along its edges. Simple composition, thoughtful execution, and powerful to look at – what art is all about. – Wilf Schurig


Special thanks to our jury of Amery Calvelli, John Frosst, Catherine Hamel, James McMenamin, and Wilf Schurig for their critical photographic eyes!

Amery Calvelli
Amery Calvelli has been a communicator for design for a long time. She aids architecture and design firms in strategically positioning their work to a wider audience.
She hosts a monthly radio program on CJSW called space + place about architecture, the city and visual culture. She has written for Arcade, DesignInquiry and Onsite Review, and once maintained a blog about encounters with urban design called mind the gap. She cares about the way design is observed, understood, and experienced in the everyday. Her favourite hobby is to wander in a city…any city, on foot.

Catherine Hamel
Catherine Hamel is an Associate Professor in Architecture at the University of Calgary. Her interests lie in the potential role of architecture as an instrument for social reconstruction. Specific themes investigated to date include identity and estrangement in the context of post-war reconstruction and exile; architecture and justice; memory in the scarred body and the voicing of political experiences in public space. These topics are explored through her teaching, drawing, and writing. Hamel’s current research explores the repercussions of objects made in their ability to activate space and its inhabitants towards a more just society. What agitates her is not the sides people take, but the lines they draw in order to be able to take them. She loves the sound of laughter…

John Frosst
John Frosst is a co-founder of Pith Gallery and Studios, co-director of Gumsphere300, co-owner of Frosst Books and Director of Artcity Festival. When he’s not painting gallery walls at Pith, plotting a musical rally tour of North America in Ford Festivas, sourcing great arts & culture books at Frosst Books or co-ordinating art, architecture and design at Artcity, John is making art with the Arbour Lake Sghool, an award-winning and internationally exhibiting arts collective.

James McMenamin
James is a freelance architectural photographer based in Calgary, working across Canada, capturing inspiring images of architecture and interiors. His clients include architects, interior designers, artists, builders, governmental agencies – any professional or organisation that want their work captured and presented in an impactful way.
His passion is promoting the appreciation of architecture, design and interiors through his photography. His new website, highlights new architecture and design in Calgary. As well as contemporary architecture, he is also interested in heritage and is a member of the Calgary Heritage Initiative Society.

Wilf Schurig
Wilf Schurig is an award winning freelance photographer living in Calgary. Since television was in its infancy his clients for film footage have included commercial clients, and on occasion German Broadcasting, CBC’s The National, and the National Geographic Society (NGS). Today he specializes in the still photography of birds, animals, landscapes and details in nature with publication by Readers Digest, NGS, and numerous book, magazines and calendars in Canada and abroad. Capturing seldom seen animal behaviour is his passion – while trying to offer something with more constancy and universal appeal in an oversaturated digital photo market presents this old-timer with a constant challenge.

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