makeCalgary – New or Renew?

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My vote is for renew, what is yours?

As a city continues to grow, it is important for the spaces within to grow alongside it. Abandoned buildings play an integral part in this conversation. Do we tear down old buildings to make way for new and better things or try to alter those existing buildings to suit an entirely new purpose? This revitalization of old buildings is called adaptive reuse. In the highly disposable culture that we live in today, adaptive reuse is becoming increasingly important, despite additional costs.

This is especially relevant when discussing the fate of historic structures. Often, institutional buildings of the early 20th century were built to stand the test of time. Why not exploit the level of quality and craftsmanship that still exists in this type of architecture? To explore this concept further, we have dug into the urban adaptation project taking place at King Edward in Marda Loop. For those of you who don’t know, the sandstone school is being restored, taking shape as an Arts Hub which will provide affordable spaces for artists and entrepreneurs to work and learn.  Read More…

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