Marda Gras Street Festival Shines!

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What fantastic weather and attendance at this year’s Marda Gras Festival – one could not ask for a more a perfect day to hit the streets and celebrate another cultural event in the city! Calgary Arts Development was pleased to join in these festivities with an invitation by the Marda Loop BRZ to share our vision for the  transformation of King Edward School into an arts incubator and we are glad we did.

Marda Gras Street Festival

Throughout the day we spoke with hundreds of you from the neighbourhood and other parts of the city who had interest in the project or stories to tell. It was great to hear the legacy of those who attended the school including accounts of  grandparents who were one of the first pupils, stories of fondly remembered reunions and parties in the gym to vividly remembered fire drills to the sound of an air raid siren! These stories all remind us of the formative value that is embedded in the walls of this landmark and how richly they can be brought back to life in a dialogue between friends.

We are so pleased that you shared these memories and feel invigorated that our proposal keeps this heritage in the public trust for future generations’ stories to  grow. Your support and sentiments that these are the types of places that Calgary needs – affirms that we are moving in the right direction, that the arts have a vital role in anchoring and promoting sustainable communities, and that community grows through engagement and participation at events like this. While much work continues, we look forward to further dialogue in realizing a continued legacy for King Edward School.

As a final note, I leave you with sentiments from C.A. Johnson, a past teacher at King Edward School from the 1960’s who captures it well:

“The school, every school, is a continuous tradition. It is a personal, life-receiving, life-giving. More than any other work-place, this institution is built with the spirits, lives and minds of all who come together here. There is really no past, no present; there is only the milieu in which we all grow. When we leave, we take with us the part of the school that we personally have become, we leave something of ourselves.”

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