Over 100 attend 2nd Community Open House

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A great showing of support and ideas emerged from residents, artists and interested Calgarians from across the city at our 2nd Community Open House!

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2nd Open House Community Feedback

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After the crowd had a chance to browse our project displays, we introduced some of our emerging ideas on what’s driving the vision of the project. As a fundamental inspiration for our thinking, our team has been struck by the concept of a ‘commons’ or gathering place where ideas are constantly shared and exchanged.  With this in mind, the adaptive reuse of the King Edward School is focused on delivering three aspects of this overarching idea:

  • the ‘creative commons’ – a place for leading edge artistic practice and social mission, pushing boundaries and collaboration in a dynamic ‘sandbox’ (we are talking about a 100 year old sandstone school afterall!)
  • the ‘learning commons’ – a place where shared learning, innovation and ideas exchange is supported physically, virtually and socially
  • the ‘community commons’ – a place that is a true community hub, one that is vibrant, permeable, open and connected

To deliver on our aspirations, our master plan team of PNCA (Calgary), housebrand (Calgary) and Green Building Services (Portland) presented on the drivers, challenges and opportunities that are required to carefully and creatively balance the new uses in the arts hub, housing, parking and open space.  We had lots of great feedback from the community and will be back in a few weeks to test our initial concepts.

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