Public Art Proposals: An Acrobatic Praxinoscope (Kelly and de Boer) and Imaginarium (kirk and Green)

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Over the past few weeks we’ve been sharing the proposals we received from talented Alberta artists for 3 public art sites cSPACE King Edward: the Grand Historic Entranceway (site 1), the Contemporary Main Entrance (site 2) and the Art Park (site 3).

This week we’ll be sharing proposals from Calgary artists Jeff de Boer and Joe Kelly, as well as Katie Green and daniel j kirk, working under the banner of Blank Page Studio.

Don’t forget to stay tuned to the blog in the coming weeks for sneak peeks at each of the 10 finalist proposals as well some fun Q&As to help you get to know the creative geniuses behind the concepts!  We’ll be announcing the winner proposals in the coming weeks so make sure you follow cSPACE King Edward on Facebook so you don’t miss a thing.

Meet Jeff de Boer and Joe Kelly

You may know Jeff de Boer best for his mighty cats and mice – the Calgary-based artist has become an international hit for his beautiful metal work, which includes making intricate armour for none-other-than, cats and mice! Most recently, de Boer made headlines for his contribution — a metal sculpture entitled Nature’s Playground — to Calgary International Airport’s new international terminal.

Joe Kelly is the man behind the camera. This Newfoundland born media artist lives and works in #YYC. He has made a number of award winning films that have been screened internationally, while also creating film and video-based installations that have been shown in galleries across the nation. Kelly has collaborated with a number of  respected groups in the art community, including One Yellow Rabbit, EMMEDIA Production Society and the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers.

Historic Grand Entranceway: An Acrobatic Praxinoscope


A child does an acrobatic tumble through the air, landing gracefully and playfully in the main entrance of cSPACE. Calgary-based artists Jeff de Boer and Joe Kelly have been experimenting with kinetic qualities of work, play, creativity and vitality through the eye of a praxinoscope (an animated sculpture, created to use light and a motorized gear system to display looping animation of a child doing a gymnastic tumble).

The child’s play symbolizes work, education, creativity and vitality — all of the elements that play into the King Edward School building’s important history and future as a cSPACE arts hub and incubator!

The chandelier style structure would create a sense of awe and wonder (not to mention interactivity) in the main entrance of the building. Kelly and de Boer’s proposal would be locally designed and developed. Eventually, cSPACE King Edward could opt to adapt the sculpture to play other animations, by other local artists.


Meet Blank Page Studio  

daniel j. kirk and Katie Green are two visual artists who work under the banner of Blank Page Studio. The team has numerous public artworks displayed around Calgary, including THE FIELD MANUAL (collaborative mural and installation part of the Riverwalk Public Art Program), the Bowness Public Library mural, and kirk’s most recent mural on 9th avenue in Inglewood.

daniel j kirk and Katie Green

Contemporary Main Entrance: Imaginarium

Where does creativity stem from and how does imagination flow? When Katie Green and daniel j kirk, (Blank Page Studio) were conceptualizing their proposal for cSPACE King Edward’s Contemporary Main Entrance public art site, they based it on community innovation and input.

Imaginarium would transform the main entrance of the arts incubator into a mural like no other. Beginning as an investigation into how the surrounding community of Marda Loop as well as the tenants of cSPACE King Edward relate to creativity, and ending as a full-scale, mixed-material installation.

By collaborating with the community in the creative vision of the Imaginarium, kirk and Green aim to discover how those who enjoy cSPACE on a daily basis use their own vivid imaginations in their daily lives. During a three-month journey to fruition, kirk and Green would place a resident artist at the King Edward to facilitate a number of different drawing sessions, consultations and other creative sessions with neighbours. Together, the groups would explore concepts around how imagination is conjured, and what inhibits creativity and innovation. Green and kirk would distil the info gathered into what would eventually become an art installation, literally, influenced by the entire community.

Imaginarium - Proposal by daniel j kirk and Katie Green

Imaginarium – Proposal by daniel j kirk and Katie Green

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