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We are excited to announce the shortlisted artists for three public art sites at cSPACE King Edward!

cSPACE King Edward’s public art call drew in submissions from a wide breadth of Alberta artists, from young and funky to internationally renowned.  Unlike traditional public art calls, we opened it to all artistic levels from emerging to established and provided opportunities across multiple sites. From sublime to intriguing, the selected proposals approached the historic space and our aspirations as an arts hub in thought-provoking and unexpected ways.

Eight artist/collectives (from a total of 28 submissions received) have been selected to move forward on one or more sites to the conceptual design phase.  This second stage of the process will see artists present their ideas, images and models for each of the three public art sites to be released to the public in the fall of 2016.  For now, you’ll have to enjoy glimpses of their past work as a taste of what is to come!

Site 1 – Grand Historic Entranceway

The Grand Historic Entranceway is the first taste of the building, a single finely curated introduction intended to spark the expectation for great things beyond. The sentiment of the space was that it be innovative, exploratory, but not overwhelming, and a place where the history of the building and contemporary purpose merge to welcome visitors to cSPACE.   The artists and teams selected for this site are:

Jeff De Boer & Joe Kelly
Jeff de Boer is a Calgary-based multi-media artist. With an emphasis on metal, he is best known for artwork that includes armour for cats and mice, armour ties and sword-handled briefcases, rocket lamps and pop culture ray guns, to high art and abstract works called exoforms. (credit http://jeffdeboer.com/).  He is known for numerous Calgary Public works, including his newest work RAINBOW TROUT (Stampede Enmax Park).

Joe Kelly is a Newfoundland born media artist living and working in Calgary. Joe has made a number of films that have been screened and awarded internationally and has also created film and video-based installations that have been shown in art galleries around Canada. (credit, EMMMEDIA)

The jury have shortlisted the newly formed de Boer/Kelly collaboration as an artistic response for the Grand Historic Entrance that lies at the intersection of kinetic sculpture and multimedia history.


Right – Panorama, 2001 (Joe Kelly) Left – Light, the Universe, and Everything, 2009, 1st St and 13th Ave SW Calgary (Jeff de Boer)

Caitlind r.c. Brown, Wayne Garrett, Lane Shordee
Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett are Calgary-based artists that work with diverse mediums and materials, ranging from artificial light to re-appropriated architectural debris. (credit, artists website).  Brown & Garrett are best known for temporary Calgary works including SOLAR FLARE (2013, Calgary Downtown Association), CLOUD (Nuit Blanche 2012), and Brown is one of the founding curators of WRECK CITY.

Lane Shordee is a scavenger artist based in Calgary, Alberta. Drawing from construction waste and items found by happenstance, he builds sculptures and installations that both challenge and indulge our relationships with the things we throw away. (credit, artists website).  Shordee’s notable works include THE GREENHOUSE (Kensington, Calgary – Wreck City: An Epilogue for 809) and WATERWAYS (Wreck City: Phantom Wing).

Caitlind R.C. Brown, Wayne Garrett and Lane Shordee are Calgary artists whose art has had a local presence and growing international impact. The culmination of their past history at King Edward School with the temporary art project Phantom Wing, together with their proposed reuse of historic materials and repertoire of past artworks that engage the public in innovative ways, led to their shortlist selection on two sites by our two independent juries.


Left – In the Belly of a Bear, 2016, Toronto ON (Lane Shordee, Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett) Right – CLOUD, 2012, Nuit Blanche Calgary (Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett)

Alexandra Haeseker
Alexandra Haeseker is a Calgary-based, internationally shown Canadian artist. Working largely in print media, Haeseker’s work is representational and ranges from stylized illustration to accurate and accomplished photorealism (credit, ArtSask) in addition to local public art projects such as WEST RIDE STORY at the Calgary International Airport. The past decade of her studio exploration has been dedicated to exploring swarm theory, collective consciousness and morphic-field-theory. The jury noted Haeseker’s bright, vibrant, and colourful work and use of LED lenticular technology, together with her connection as alumni of King Edward School, as an interesting artistic response to the Grand Historic Entranceway.


Left – Survivors, 2013, Contemporary Museum Debrecen Hungary Right – Red Tide, 2014, Contemporary International Biennial, Douro Portugal

The Laboratory for Integrative Design
Collaborators Jason S. Johnson, Matthew Parker & Guy Gardener are the team behind The Laboratory for Integrative Design (LID) where artists, designers and architects collaborate in the design and production of community engaged projects. In 2013, LID was awarded the Mayor’s Urban Design Award for their community engaged, sculptural seating in Victoria Park. As a collaboration between architectural designers and visual artists creating across a variety of scales, the two juries shortlisted LID for its innovative design and collaborative approach for proposals on both the Grand Historic Entranceway and exterior Art Park sites.


Left – Sputnik, 2015, Beakerhead (Jason Johnson, Matthew Parker, Simon Kim, Mariana Ibanez) Right – Suspended Animation: Phantom Wing; A Pre-Demolition Art Exhibition, 2013 (Guy Gardner and Sian Ramsden)

Site 2 -Contemporary Main Entrance

Located in a four storey entrance and staircase volume of contemporary glass and steel, the former ‘Girls’ entrance will be transformed into a daily entrance for the tenant community and studio theatre patrons. This contemporary glass-bound jewel box is highly visible from the north exterior of the building, signaling creativity out to the surrounding community.  The artists and teams selected for this site are:

Derek Besant
Derek Besant is a Calgary-based, internationally shown Canadian artist.  Calgarians will recognize his extensive public works including HOMAGE at Mount Royal University (iconic six-metre tall balancing-chairs ), and the temporary installation of I AM THE RIVER depicting 50 Calgarians submerged into the waters of the Bow. Besant’s artworks often deal with “themes of memory, language and the body as a metaphor” (credit, artist’s website).  Besant’s proposal for the Contemporary Main Entrance was recognized for its understanding of the architectural dynamics of the site and conceptual grounds for the community’s engagement with art from both distant and immediate perspectives.


“I am the River”, 2011, Bow River Corridor, Calgary AB

daniel j kirk / Katie Green (Blank Page Studio)
daniel j. kirk and Katie Green of Blank Page Studio are Calgary-based visual artists. The team has numerous public artworks displayed around Calgary, including THE FIELD MANUAL (collaborative mural and installation part of the Riverwalk Public Art Program), the Bowness Public Library mural, and kirk’s most recent mural on 9th avenue in Inglewood.  Shortlisted for the Contemporary Main Entrance, these collaborative artists were recognized by the jury for a demonstrated history of community engagement in their public art creation process, and for their embodiment of the creative aspirations of cSPACE King Edward with their whimsical and vibrant works connected to placemaking.


Left – The Field Manual: A Compendium of Local Influence, 2013, The Calgary Riverwalk, East Village (Light & Soul – Daniel Kirk, Katie Green, Ivan Ostapenko, Kai C-B) Right – Bowness Library, 2015 (Katie Green in collaboration with daniel j kirk)


Brenda Malkinson
Brenda Malkinson is an Edmonton-based artist who makes prints and contemporary glassworks that have been exhibited worldwide.  She has created over thirty public artworks in glass, many for the Edmonton region and throughout Alberta.  Malkinson’s richly coloured stained glass artwork was recognized by the jury for its dynamic interplay with light, vibrant use of colour, and through a crafted approach, for its potential to transform the Contemporary Main Entrance.


Stained glass, St. Kateri Chapel, St. Joseph’s College, University of Alberta, 2015


Site 3 – Art Park

Located on the south edge of the new civic park, this outdoor public art site opportunity creates an entryway and sense of arrival to the public grounds of this prominent historical landmark.  The artists and teams selected for this site are:

DDM Connective
DDM Connective is a new collaboration between artists Melissa McKinnon (contemporary Canadian Landscape painter), Dave MacLeod (designer and fabricator) and Dawn VandeSchoot (performing artist and project manager). The jury recognized this team’s unique multidisciplinary perspective, encompassing design and fabrication through to performance and community engagement, as a unique creative endeavour to approach the Art Park site.


Left – This is My City, program engaging the homeless community through art (Dawn VandeSchoot) Right – Beneath the Surface, 2015 (Melissa McKinnon)

Caitlind r.c. Brown, Wayne Garrett, Lane Shordee
*See above description

The Laboratory for Integrative Design
*See above description

Artist concepts will be released to the public for viewing in the fall of 2016, and the final artist selection will be released in late 2016. This project is supported by The Alberta Foundation for the Arts and The City of Calgary’s Public Art Policy that recognizes public art as a vital ingredient in Calgary’s on-going development as a great, creative city.


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