Vibrant mural sets the stage for future public art call

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Reimagining the King Edward as a hub for creativity has always included using outdoor public space as a canvas for art, temporary and permanent. As the future location for a significant public art installation, cSPACE invited local artist Tyler Hochhalter to paint a large mural, framed by the original sandstone at the south entrance of the historic school. Tyler is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design, a painter, graffiti and tattoo artist, and was up for the challenge to transforming a tired front stoop on short notice.


The blank canvas.

“The inspiration for this mural was to merge the past with the now,” Tyler says of his concept for the piece. “I wanted to not just replicate what had been done before, but use the space accordingly and push it forward into a more refined state – as with the intention for the King Edward School, taking something old and giving it new life within a progressive context.  Respecting the merit of heritage and establishing new ideas that maintain openness and opportunity for things to come.”


The mural in process

Tyler’s mural is a placeholder, transforming the space temporarily. Once historic restoration is complete and the facility opens, this space will be the site of a significant work of public art. The restored grand entrance and art installation will be the first impression for visitors to the King Edward, a focal point of creative energy. Further information regarding cSPACE King Edward’s Public Art Project will be released later in 2015.

To see Tyler’s creation process for the mural, check out our timelapse video below.


The final artwork sets the stage for our groundbreaking ceremony








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