We Should Know Each Other #100 – Call for Volunteers

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Doors Open at King Edward will showcase the landmark 100th edition of ‘We Should Know Each Other’ and provide dozens of interactive experiences throughout the classrooms and hallways of the entire school.  To pull off an event of this scale that will be programmed by some of Calgary’s most creative and unique non-profits and artists, with opportunities to listen to Calgary’s first Poet and Historian Laureates, dive into a robotics workshop, watch an outdoor movie, create 3-D art – we will need your help! Below is the first opportunty to volunteer on what will be an amazing 100-year anniversary for We Should Know Each Other and King Edward School!

We Should Know Each Other #100 – Call for Volunteers

We Should Know Each Other #100 – running September 28-30, 2012 – is going to be a giant, vibrant community-building extravaganza. We need your help to make it happen!

We are seeking a great team of volunteers to help out before, during and after the event. Volunteer Positions available:

• Pre-Event Marketing (Poster & Flyer Distribution)

• Event Set-Up (Friday, September 28, daytime)

• Bar (including some volunteers with ProServe)

• Floor Coordinators

• Welcome Table

• General On-Site Volunteers (for all the delightfully miscellaneous tasks)

• Event Take-Down (Sunday, September 30, evening)


We Should Know Each Other #100 – Call for Volunteers

To learn more about We Should Know Each Other, visit www.swallowabicycle.com/wskeo and ‘like’ the WSKEO page on Facebook.

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