FAQ’s -cSPACE King Edward Public Art Call

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All questions addressed from interested applications will be posted in this forum as they are answered.

General – FAQ’s
Q: Can artists make proposals that extend beyond the boundaries of each noted site?
A: Artwork submissions that extend beyond the boundaries of each noted site will be considered.

SITE 1 – FAQ’s
Q: What is the materiality of the Historic Grand Entrance?
A: The materiality of the main entrance includes a combination of smooth ashlar sandstone and plastered lathe walls, together with historic slate steps and hexagonal porcelane tile flooring. The exterior entrance stairs are of new concrete construction with paneled sandstone newel posts and closed balustrade.

Q: What is the architectural philosophy towards heritage conservation for Historic Grand Entrance Site?
A: King Edward School is designated as a Municipal Historic Resource and is regulated by the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada.

Due to the variable condition of the extant heritage building fabric and considering some original elements are missing, a hybrid approach to conservation will include a mix of restoration and preservation interventions.

This approach to heritage aims to “Conserve the heritage value of a historic place. Do not remove, replace or substantially alter its intact or repairable character-defining elements. Do not move a part of a historic place if its current location is a character-defining element.” as per the Standards and Guidelines.

Q: How does a philosophy of “reversible intervention” inform installation of artwork for the Historic Grand Entrance Site?
A: Reversible interventions are those that can be removed at a later date without damaging the character-defining elements of the historic place. For example, adding a bolt into a plaster surface, as long as the fixture can be removed, and the heritage fabric can be restored is acceptable. Reversible interventions are not destructive. Artwork submissions will be reviewed in accordance with the Standards and Guidelines as noted above.

SITE 2 – FAQ’s
No additional material available at this time.

SITE 3 – FAQ’s

Q: Does Site 3 have power and/or lighting?
A: Site 3 is between the City Municipal Reserve property and 30th Avenue and is without power or lighting. Artists may choose to integrate renewable power generation into their artwork. cSPACE may foster partnerships with the renewable energy sector for technical expertise to support artwork of this kind.

Q: What are the plinth sites, mounting, and how many plinths are available for use at this site?
A: There are two concrete plinths located on either side of a central walkway that creates access to cSPACE King Edward through the Municipal Reserve park space. Located within a charcoal band of sandblasted concrete, the plinths are also surrounded by native grasses together with Creeping Juniper, Bearberry, Wolf Willow and Shrubby Cinquefoil in the adjacent landscape.  See images below for further clarity and PDF for scale reference.

Site 3 - Plinth Locations_web

Site 3 – Plinth locations

Site 3 - Plinth Dimensions_web

Site 3 – Plinth Dimensions








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