King Edward School comes to life during (REOI) Information Sessions

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This week there has been a bluster of activity around the King Edward School with spring flurries that Calgarians have come to expect, but also from respondents to CADA and TCF’s call for future tenants and partners for the proposed arts incubator.  On Tuesday, April 26th three information sessions were held for more than one hundred individuals and organizations who were presented with the background, values and intent for the incubator.

Following the information sessions the halls of King Edward School came to life once again as the pitter-patter of artists and not-for-profit representatives discussed the possibilities to invigorate this now quiet, but once bustling hub. Walking through the halls, one immediately felt the excitement of exploring the classrooms, climbing the stairs and sharing in the past narratives captured in the grand sandstone walls and imagining those yet to come.

Several in attendance included alumni who remembered their homeroom class from grade 5 or the stories recalled while growing up in the area. A special visitor included past Principal John Braun who shared stories and insights from his tenure. Now retired, John spent several of his CBE years stewarding the students and staff at King Edward and couldn’t help but disappear from the group and check out the nooks and crannies for details only he could know.

REOI Information Session

May 12th is the deadline for the Request for Expressions of Interest and we eagerly anticipate the responses to this call. Advisory Committee meetings also continue with our master planning consultants and we look forward to meeting with the public in the weeks ahead. Mark your calendars for 6:30pm-9pm on May 18th for our second community meeting at the Calgary Community Reform Church. This will be a great opportunity to share in the dialogue of how to Transform King Edward School into a revitalized community asset.

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