Project update: December 2014

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The new year brings exciting news for the King Edward project. We have been working diligently with our project team over the last year in final preparation for groundbreaking. With the approval of our subdivision permit, we are happy to report that construction will soon begin.

The first phase of work will focus on the careful restoration and preservation of the 100 year old heritage building by skilled artisans and tradespeople. The sandstone facade will be restored by expert masons, inspecting and repairing each of the thousands of stones and mortar joints that comprise the King Edward. Window openings that were covered over in the 1970s will be reinstated, doubling the natural light in most rooms. The heritage windows will be restored in place with new, clear-pane thermal windows placed on the outside. On the roof, the temporary protection installed will have environmentally friendly recycled rubber shingles installed, emulating the original black slate shingles of the school.

You don’t age 100 years without developing a bit of character along the way! The interior of the King Edward is full of ‘patina’ that celebrates its history. From initials scratched in wooden doors to the worn-in footprints going up the slate stairs, these nuances define the special legacy of the King Edward and are part of the character cSPACE wants to keep. Solid slate chalk boards, original woodwork and historic plasterwork will be restored and preserved by specialised artisans. Solid oak doors with original brass fittings will be re-hung, and cast-iron boiler doors will be preserved and commemorated as an important historic component to the building.

At the same time, the King Edward will be modernized as a LEED Gold Certified building. Mechanical and electrical systems will be completely new, providing high efficiency performance and reducing the operating costs to non-profit tenants.

To learn more about the King Edward project and how you can support Calgary’s creative community, please visit our support page here..


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